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About the Model

Connected Recovery™ is a therapeutic model by Laney Knowlton that supports individuals with Problematic Sexual Behaviors (PSB) and Betrayal Trauma through three phases: early (Repair), middle (Reconnect), and late (Restore), focusing on truth, emotional safety, empathy, and healing sexuality. Each phase includes five steps—education, honesty, boundaries, communication, and connection—using various tools to aid both individual and relational healing.

The Connected Recovery™ Model:

  • Connects information and tools from treatment of Problematic Sexual Behaviors, Betrayal Trauma, and Sex Therapy (SASH, IITAP, APSATS, AASECT, AASAT, and others) with an EFT focus

  • Incorporates individual recovery with relational recovery for both those struggling with Problematic Sexual Behaviors and those working to heal from Betrayal Trauma in their primary relationship (regardless of gender and relational status) while addressing attachment issues and trauma for both

  • Uses similarities between the trauma cycle and the escape cycle to build a foundation for connection and provide a common language for both parties

Connected Recovery™ is a model of therapy developed by Laney Knowlton. It focuses on healing both those struggling with Problematic Sexual Behaviors (PSB) and those working to heal from Betrayal Trauma, introducing tools and concepts that help build connection to self and others. It divides recovery into three phases: early, middle, and late recovery. The phases of Connected Recovery™ are based on the Janice Caudill and Dan Drake’s Intimacy Pyramid (as explained in their Full Disclosure books) and Gottman’s relational stages. Early recovery (Repair) focuses on Truth and Emotional Safety, creating a foundation upon with connection can be built and working to heal the wounds caused by betrayal and escape patterns. Middle recovery (Reconnect) helps deepen Connection and Empathy. Late recovery (Restore) works through the deepest wounds, helping individuals and couples Heal Sexuality.


Each stage is divided into five steps: education, honesty, boundaries, communication, and connection. Diagrams, handouts, and worksheets help individuals and couples work through each stage, healing and deepening connection to themselves and others. The steps in this model can be used individually and relationally and are written using gender-neutral language to allow clients to connect to the material even if they do not fall into the “traditional” category of male who has betrayed and female who has been betrayed. They can be used to heal individually and increase your connection to yourself and others regardless of relational status. For those in primary relationships, these steps provide a common language to maximize healing and connection within the relationship as well as individually.

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