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Welcome to Connected Recovery™
The opposite of escaping is connecting.

Connected Recovery™ is a model of therapy that addresses trauma, including, but not limited to, betrayal trauma, and the escape cycles that develop to attempt to numb the pain related to trauma. Using an attachment-focused lens, it walks individuals and relationships through the process of discovering the truth, building emotional safety, deepening connection and empathy, and healing the deepest level of connection to self-sexuality. It divides the process into three phases, each of which repeats the same five steps (education, honesty, boundaries, communication, and connection). Early recovery addresses betrayals, trauma responses, and patterns used to escape, creating a foundation on that connection to self and others can be built on. Middle recovery deepens that connection to self and others, exploring historical traumas and family-of-origin patterns. Late recovery focuses on processing any additional sexual traumas that have not already been addressed and restoring the self to the most whole, happy, and confident version of themselves, along with ensuring connection to others is maximized.

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