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Please note - we provide these handouts free of charge. You are welcome to use them as a client or a clinician. They are not meant to replace therapy and do not constitute a therapeutic agreement with Laney Knowlton, LMFT-S, Knowlton Counseling, or NorthStar Relational Consultants. They may be printed and shared, but not altered, recreated, or used for marketing or commercial purposes. You are welcome post links to this site, but may not post these on other websites without written permission from Laney Knowlton. In using these, you agree to take sole responsibility for all outcomes and will not hold Laney Knowlton, LMFT-S, Knowlton Counseling, or NorthStar Relational Consultants responsible legally or ethically in using these documents.

Please note that the Connected Recovery™ (formerly Coupled Recovery) model continues to develop and change and therefore current handouts may differ as the model shifts. Updated versions of the handouts and worksheets will be released at regular intervals to allow for updates to the handouts and the addition of new handouts.


Connected Recovery™ Handouts

Five Principles of Connected Recovery

Three Phases of Connected Recovery

Relationship with Escape Patterns and Abuse


Phase 1 - Early Recovery (Facing Hope, available here, walks clients through Steps 1-5 and includes full-sized, full-color versions of each handout in those steps)

Step 1

Trauma Cycle

My Trauma Cycle

Survival Responses

Trauma Triangle - Safe-Harboring

Types of Trauma

Relational Consent

Escape Cycle

My Escape Cycle

Trauma Loop

Escape Spiral

Connection between Trauma and Escape Cycles

Escape Vortex

Effect of Trauma Responses

Effect of Sexual Escape Behaviors

My Three Circles

My Three Circles - Relational Relapses

Step 2

Steps for Disclosure

Plan for the Day of Disclosure Worksheet

Disclosure Process Worksheet for Betrayers

Disclosure Process Worksheet for Partners

Pre-Disclosure Questionnaire


Processing Shame Worksheet

Faulty Core Beliefs


Please note: detailed directions for the disclosure process are in the Connected Recovery™ Disclosure Booklets. Booklet A is for betrayers and contains directions on writing the What Letter, the Why Letter, and the Amends Letter, as well as how to receive the Impact Letter. Booklet A can be purchased here. Booklet B is for betrayed partners and contains directions on writing the Impact Letter and receiving the What, Why, and Amends Letters. Booklet B can be purchased here.


Step 3

Accountability Contract

Recovery Plan Worksheet

Choosing the Relationship (for Escape Behaviors)

Choosing the Relationship (for Trauma Responses)

Boundaries List

Steps to Creating and Communicating Boundaries

Levels of Physical Connection


Step 4


My Time-Out Protocol

My Time-Out Worksheet

Fear Cycle Worksheet


Step 5


Check-In Worksheet

Contributing Factors Worksheet

Amends Worksheet

Responding to Triggers/Trauma Responses


Phase 2 - Middle Recovery


Step 6

Recovery Slope

Emotional Bucket

Emotions Circle

Hierarchy of Needs

Bucket Filler Worksheet

Indicators and Triggers Worksheet


Step 7

Attachment Styles

Motivational States

Genogram Activity Directions

Trauma Timeline Exercise

Life Events Timeline Exercise

Deception Timeline Exercise

Substance Use Timeline Exercise


Step 8

Communication Styles

Drama Triangle- Unhealthy Dependency

Dependency Continuum

Dependency Pendulum

Relational Currency


Step 9

Communication- Call and Respond

Relational Three Circles

All Three My Three Circles


Step 10

Steps to Empathy


Phase 3 - Healthy Sexuality

Sexual Abuse Definition

Sexual Abuse in Relationships Definition

Effect of Abuse on Sexuality

Effect of Betrayal on Sexuality

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